Dumpster Myths

Renting a dumpster can substantially help you improve your commercial business or residence in an efficient manor while minimizing cost and hassle. Most people are truly unaware of the benefits of roll of rentals, and in fact there are some lingering myths about the topic.

Myth #1 – Dumpster Rentals are too pricey
Perhaps there are some bad companies out there that just want your money, but the truth is, is that renting a roll off is actually saving you a lot of money. How else would you get rid of a TON of waste? Driving to and from the dump yourself? THAT would be inefficient, costing you more money AND time than renting a dumpster.

Dumpster companies set their prices based off of the landfill they dump at. Almost all of these companies have a reasonable flat rate that they’ll charge you, in order for them to make a necessary profit.

Myth #2 – I need to make MY schedule according to THEM
Many people believe that when you rent a roll off, you are restricted to when the dumpster arrives, until it is to be picked up, and you don’t have much say in either.

Most rental companies work for YOUR time, not the other way around. YOU can set the time of drop-off and pick-up that suits you best. This way you know exactly how much you will be charged as well.

Myth #3 – Local dumpster companies are always better than National ones
While this will be true for some cases, it is important to remember who it is you are buying from. The national companies have earned more authority and usually have a bigger base of customer service.

Sometimes buying locally can save you money, but if you like reliability of the company you are buying from, national dumpster rental companies are a better option.

Myth #4 – Roll-offs are just a hassle
If I were a rental company, I’d ensure you that is not true. Virtually all of the hard work is done by the rental company. They will drop it off and place it, on YOUR time, and they can pick it up and take it to the landfill, also on YOUR time.

The only thing they won’t do is fill it up!

Myth #5 – Dumpster rentals aren’t caring of the Environment
Once your roll-off is filled and picked up, the waste is then sorted by professionals at the landfill. The most common categories used to sort are:
– paper
– cardboard
– glass
– plastics
– scrap metal
– compost
– special/hazardous materials
– residual waste

One thing that is NOT a myth, is the pressing problems of landfills in America. Waste segregation is essential to maintain the health of the environment, as well as the economy. Most dumpster rental companies are well aware of this, and will inform you of what is allowed, and NOT allowed in their roll-offs.

Myth #6 – Dumpsters are just…ugly looking
Would I make a dumpster a center piece of my living room? No. But the fact remains, renting a dumpster helps you clean up your garbage. Having a dumpster at hand allows you to throw it all away, in one convenient place, and letting the rental company handle the hard part.