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Homeless camp cleanup as much as 3,000 lbs of trash

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Tuesday, a large-scale clean-up of a homeless camp along the Willamette River netted thousands of pounds of garbage and waste, mitigating the waterway's environmental impact and making the region publicly available.

Eugene's town and the Lane County Sheriff's Office project took place on an island off the Willamette River bank about 150 yards downstream of the Ferry Street bridge and just off the bike path behind the High Street Campbell Community Center. There is limited public access and camping in the region from 11 p.m. By 6 a.m.

Since June, the Rulemaking Committee has held two of three possible restriction consultative sessions and has tentatively planned for October a public comment period. Waksmundski hopes the change will be approved within the next six months and will come into effect.

If approved, the state would maintain ownership, but rules that apply to Eugene's parks and open spaces also would be in effect on the islands within city limits, Waksmundski said. Because the city of Eugene doesn't have jurisdiction over the area, it hasn't dedicated resources to enforce restrictions and keep large camps from building up, he said.

"With our regulations we could visit this region much more frequently and this (homeless camp) would not be able to reach the range it already is," said Waksmundski. "If this were in our park scheme, we would have visited this place several times a week."

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