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How to Keep your Dumpster Rental Clear of Pesky Critters

Your dumpster rental probably won't be with you for long, but it can become a significant magnet for pests of all species and sizes even in that brief period of time. You don't want your dumpster lease to be anything but a repository for your waste, from small creeping maggots to big bears. So, what can you do to avoid it becoming something you never meant to do?

No food waste

First and foremost, be aware of what you put in your dumpster rental if you don't want to attract pests. Never place food products in it, as your immediate region will rot and stink. It will attract flies that will cause maggot infestation. Raccoons are known to find ways to retrieve all kinds of items in tight spaces, and you don't want to entice them with food odors. If you live in an area where bears are present, you should be well aware of the dangers of attracting these large beasts with improperly disposed of food waste.

Concrete, not grass

You invite insects and rodents to nest beneath it when you place a dumpster on grass or mulch. Put the unit on a concrete slab at all times. In addition, if something leaks out of your unit, there is little risk of the leakage from getting into the ground water when it is on a hard surface.

Cover it

While bigger pests can discover their way into a lidded container, lower ones will not be as resourceful. Rent a dumpster that has a secured lid, such as a locking system that needs a smarter being to find out how to open it, if you're in an region where these bigger pests are present.

Be conscious that raccoons are known to chew through the straps and gain access to anything that attracts them if you decide to tie down your lids.

Clean it up

Make sure it's tidy when your unit is supplied. If you make numerous journeys to the dump, after each use, clean it out. This will guarantee that any waste that can attract pests is prevented and that you can maintain your workplace free from unwanted pests and terrible odors.

Use repellents

If you absolutely have to dispose of the waste you know is going to attract pests and you can't secure the lid, try using repellents. An ammonia and water dilution has been known to maintain pests away, but be aware of any nearby ammonia-damaging landscaping.

If you have a particular problem with squirrels, skunks and rabbits in your area, you can buy fox or coyote urine and place it around the dumpster perimeter to keep these pests away. Fox and coyotes prey on these little animals, and they will feel threatened and leave once they get a whiff of the repellent. After a rain shower, you will need to reapply the repellent.

At 1 Dumpster Rentals, we’ll work with you to keep your rental free of pests and keep your job site as clean as possible. Contact us today and let’s talk about all the options available to you.


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