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Seven ways a dumpster rental can ease cleanup

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

When these large clean-up projects take more than a few trashcans to remove your junk, a rental dumpster becomes the go-to solution for quick and efficient removal of waste. Here are seven things you need to understand about your next project using a dumpster:

1) Rapid removal of garbage

If you have a big party that you know will generate heaps of garbage – you don't want your driveway cluttered in trash bags. Bring a dumpster in order to keep all the refuse out of the site.

2) Great for demolition waste

Anyone who has ever torn out a toilet or kitchen or garage for a refurbishment project understands how much waste is produced. It really adds up quickly and you can't let it lie. A dumpster is the go-to option to remove your project waste from your region of job.

3) Safer work environment

Whether it's a spring cleanout, a landscaping project or a demolition, you need to get your waste out of the manner so that you or your contractors can operate without fear of falling over stacks of waste. A dumpster is the ideal choice to keep your places of job clean and secure while you are working on your project.

4) Save cash and time

Consider loading your truck or your friend's truck full of waste and bringing it to the dump to save your next project a little cash? Think again. Rent a dumpster instead of risking scratching your truck and wasting all the time taking it to the local landfill and paying tipping fees. At the end of your project, the company you rent from will drop it off and take it away. It will save you money and you will save a ton of time, allowing you to get your project completed faster.

5) Always remember weight limits

Dumpsters come in different sizes, which means they have different weight limits. For example, the smallest dumpster is measured in six cubic yards and will hold 3,000 pounds of debris. For a big project, such as a large remodeling job, you can get a 30 cubic yard unit that will hold 10,000 pounds. Talk to your rental provider about what size will be perfect for you.

6) If your garbage collector does not collect your waste

Do you have items that stack up because it won't be taken by your residential trash collector, such as yard waste or large concrete chunks? Load a unit of six or ten cubic yards and let your rental business load it for you.

7) Work with the perfect company

When you know it is time to rent a unit, choose the company that will give you options with the size of units they offer. Pick a company that will give you great advice on what type of unit to rent, and make sure they’ll be flexible on their drop off and pick up dates. If your project becomes a little more intense than you planned, make sure they’ll come pick up your unit and drop off an empty one so your project can stay on track.

At 1 Dumpster Rentals, we provide worry free, reliable and fast commercial and residential dumpster services. Low prices, a variety of sizes, same day and hassle free rentals are what we provide, so contact us today and let’s talk about your next project.


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