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The effects of illegal dumping and abuse

Most countries have an environmental quality department or something similar to it that addresses illegal dumping and littering and the associated ramifications. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency of Illinois addresses everything from secure pharmaceutical and medical sharps disposal to electronic waste recycling and waste disposal.

Illegal dumping occurs for a variety of reasons, but none are acceptable:

  • Lack of convenient alternatives

  • Increased disposal costs

  • Lack of public awareness

  • Lack of understanding of laws

There is a risk to health and the environment

The side effects of illegal dumping are very genuine, irrespective of the reason. In an attempt to avoid illegal dumping due to the potential threat to public health and the environment, the Illinois EPA partners with other state agencies. Illegal dumping is carried out by various names, including fly dumping, open dumping, dumping at midnight.

But the dangers are numerous:

  • Encephalitis and Dengue fever are both attributed to disease-carrying mosquitoes that thrive in open dumping areas, especially ones where tires are present.

  • Fire is a risk due to spontaneous combustion of dangerous materials or through arson.

  • Illegal dumping can impact drainage, which lead to flooding or severe erosion.

  • Chemicals contaminate wells and surface water.

  • Property values decrease.

Simply put, for those in the nearby region, illegal dumping and littering diminishes the quality of life. It all presents a danger, whether it's ancient barrels, used tires, garbage or dangerous chemicals.

There are as many as 100 million tonnes of products, according to some estimates, that have been illegally dumped across the U.S. It is a significant issue that can be avoided by preventing the occurrence of tiny dumping. The Illinois EPA, for example, is working to prevent tiny dumping from becoming a greater potential danger to public health and the environment. Stopping the growing tiny illegal dumps enables to prevent a expensive mess.

Illegal dumping is an avoidable issue that is resolved with taxpayers ' cash that should be used in other fields, including education and community-enhancing government programs. For example, taxpayers in Pennsylvania fall in programs around $10 million a year to clean up litter on the roadside and illegal dump sites. In some instances, the U.S. EPA will assist communities with special grants to combat illegal dumping, such as the $30,000 grant granted to St. John's Coral Bay Community Council on the Virgin Islands.

Strict penalties have been placed in place in the form of penalties and possible jail time to stem the issue. Fines can be as small as $50 for minor crimes in some countries, but for more severe circumstances they can jump up to tens of thousands of dollars. It can also be a felony offense. Littering (throwing candy wrappers out of a car window) is regarded a minor offense in most instances, while illegal dumping (unloading furnishings, vehicle tires, building debris) is deemed a more severe offense, which could result in jail time and big fines.

Big corporations are as much to blame as the offenders of housing and small business. In 2014, AT&T agreed to pay $52 million in its class action settlement in California to illegally dump electronic waste. The case disclosed that AT&T has 230 warehouses and equipment across California that batteries, dangerous fluids and gels had been unsuccessfully disposed of for nine years.

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